Aiken Group's New Base Lands Key Contract


Aiken Group's New Base Lands Key Contract

In response to customer demand, Aiken Group recently announced an expansion into the accommodation module rental market and opened a four-acre site at Marywell on the outskirts of the city to house its rental fleet.

The move has been central to the landing of a key contract for the provision of modular blast buildings in the form of LPG Bitumen Control Modules. These are blast resistant to 0.2 bar and meet all British onshore building regulations. The equipment will be used at a refinery in North Lincolnshire, England.

Aiken Group is a leading and innovative supplier of integrated, out-sourced and solutions-based engineering and specialist services principally accommodation; engineering, construction and modification and technology and project management. It is well known for its offshore expertise in accommodation provision and has recently made significant inroads into key onshore sectors.

Aiken Group Project Engineer Matthew Paterson explained: “The new Marywell base has been instrumental in the fulfilment of this contract because it provided the location for outfitting and facilitated delivery within a tight timescale. Additionally, the equipment was tested and commissioned at our new base before being deconstructed and transported for final commissioning on-site.

Manging Director Danny Donald added: “We are taking expertise gained in the offshore environment and using it to grow our foothold in new onshore marketplaces. In this case, we have also taken an existing client rapport to a new sphere and we are excited to be deepening our relationship and broadening our horizons in this way.”


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